Planning of a petroleum waste landfill site

PERIOD : 2014-2015
LOCATION : Grande-Prairie (Alberta, Canada)

Project Outline

Planning of a petroleum waste landfill site comprising a 39000m2 bioremediation cell, a double-lined 20500m2 cell in a hazardous materials storage area and a leachate recovery basin.

SERVICES PROVIDED (in collaboration with Adelantar Consulting inc.)

  •  Preparation of plans and quotations in conformity with the certificate of authorization;
  •  Management of the calls for bids process;
  • Preparation of quality control and assurance programs for the installation of geosynthetics and the use of natural materials;
  •  Preparation of a detailed estimation of project costs;
  • Monitoring of construction works;
  • Leak detection on all exposed and covered geomembranes.