Water Processing and Treatment Engineering

bassin traitement eau
Water Processing and Treatment Engineering


  • Design of processing chains
  • Sizing of industrial equipment (pumps, tanks, reactors, heat exchangers, etc.)
  • Third-party technical expertise
  • Design and dimensioning of piping
  • Process diagrams (PFD and P&ID)
  • Process Optimization
  • Energy efficiency Optimization
  • Mass and energy balance
  • Technical and financial feasibility studies
  • Development of process control practices
Water Processing and Treatment Engineering

Water Treatment

  • Feasibility studies and preliminary engineering
  • Technical process design
  • Selection and specification of equipment (filers, pumps, ion exchangers, softeners, biological treatment units, disinfectors, pH neutralizers, etc.)
  • Third party technical expertise
  • Selection and specification of required chemical products
  • Process troubleshooting and optimization
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